MyBrow Natural Brows
Shape #15

Introducing MyBrow!!

New Names; Same Excellent Quality!

For anyone who wants to cover their thin, sparse, or over plucked eyebrows, Natural Brows provides the ultimate solution. Within minutes, these full, natural-looking, easy-to-apply, flexible 100% human hair eyebrows provide a beautiful frame to the face, and are even waterproof.

Shape #15 has a rounded arch shape.

  • -The closest thing to natural brows ever developed
  • -Realistic & natural looking appearance
  • -Meticulously hand made
  • -No ugly netting
  • -Easy to apply
  • -Several shapes & colors to choose from
  • -Reusable – may be used repeatedly
  • -The look and feel of a real eyebrow

100% human hair is individually hand placed on a realistic skin-like base, for the most natural looking eyebrow ever made. This eyebrow gives the appearance of real hair growing from the brow line. For men who have lost their eyebrow hair, this product is the closest thing on the market to real eyebrow hair.

Each piece of hair is individually hand placed on a skin-like, flexible gel backing, for the most natural eyebrows ever made. This gives the appearance of real hair growing from the brow line. Each eyebrow is a work of art. There are 3 styles for women and children, and 1 style for men. For anyone who has lost their eyebrow hair, this is the closest thing on the market to real eyebrow hair.

Our eyebrows can be worn for several days at time without reapplying. They will last for months if properly cared for. Our eyebrow can be enhanced with an eyebrow pencil to modify the color or shape. Apply the eyebrow first. Then apply makeup.

Our eyebrows can be cut to shape if desired. If shaping of the eyebrow is necessary, the base should be cut carefully. Cut between the hair roots so that the hairs are not unnecessarily cut off.

We offer many adhesives to choose from due to everyone’s skin type being different. The GhostBondXL is highly recommended if you desire to wear your brows for weeks at a time.  (*Remove using the “Ultra Safe” Adhesive Remover).  The Debu and Ultimate Hold are also available for those who want to wear for 1-3 days.  We suggest our Ardell Adhesive Remover to remove these adhesives.

*Lashes & Brows do not come with adhesive or remover and must be purchased separately.

Most customers find that they can wear a single pair of eyebrows for 2-4 months, if worn daily. They can be worn in the shower, although prolonged submersion is not recommended. We do not recommend wearing them in the pool, due to the harshness of the pool’s chemicals.

Due to the personal nature of this product and the risk of tampering with the glue, this product is not returnable.

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