Truly Natural Looking False Eyelashes, Made Especially for the Lashless Eye!

Cheryn International offers the only Natural looking eyelash line for women, children, and men, too! Designed and developed specifically for people who experience complete or partial lash loss from conditions such as Trichotillomania (compulsive hair pulling), Alopecia, Chemo/Radiation Therapy, or the “eyelash challenged” individual.

The lash band is specially designed to adhere to the eyelid with or without eyelashes, truly restoring a feeling of beauty and normalcy. (You can even wear mascara, if you’d like!) These truly are the best false eyelashes made!

Which glue is best for you will depend on your skin type.
The brands I offer are all very good glues. There are several brands to choose from so you can find which offers you the best adhesion.
Our eyelash and eyebrow glue is specially formulated for long lasting staying power. If applied properly, your eyelashes and eyebrows will remain glued for days!

We suggest you clean your lashes with our Ardell Adhesive Remover. (Directions above.)

*Please Remember To Stock Up Before Winter. As Adhesives May Be Compromised During Cold Climate Transit.

*Upon receipt of your eyelashes order, before opening/removing the boxes taped seal, please first confirm that both the right and left eyelashes are viewable and accounted for. In case either of the pair are missing we will be happy to send you out a replacement pair, but only if the tape has not been removed from the box. Please open the box carefully and in a “protected area”, so if either lashes flip out of the box they will be easy to find.

*All Eyelash products are non-returnable because of the personal and delicate nature of the product and those that use them, once they have left our controlled atmosphere, they can be subject to allergens that others may have an adverse experience. (pets, smoke, perfume, sensitivity from medications, etc.)