Amazing Waterproof Eyeliner & Eyebrow Cosmetics Made From the Highest Quality Ingredients

All eye care products are non-carcinogenic.

For the appearance of lashes, and the best waterproof adhesion, apply gel liner to inside of upper lid where lashes grow from and then apply IE Eyeliner Pencil to upper & lower eyelid rims and smudge slightly. For brows, apply light strokes of IE Gel Liner, then add light layers of IE Eyebrow Pencil and/or Brush On Brow Powder until desired look is created. Brush inside & outside brow to soften coloring, giving a more natural appearance.

Click Here to view Cheryn’s eyeliner & eyebrow make-up application instructional videos.


(Expect once a day touch-ups or only after extreme sports or humidity, and virtually no more problems with makeup collecting in corners of eyes!)


I have many times heard people comment to me once they realize I don’t have any eyelashes that they never could tell. I truly have mastered how to apply makeup to look like I don’t have makeup on! For many years I didn’t want anyone attention to even be drawn to my eyes or brows, so I wanted my makeup to be as discreet as possible. That’s why children can even where this makeup, as well as men, too.

Here is my own makeup regimen that takes me about 5 minutes to do. Of course practice is the key, but it is possible and I believe, because I have seen, that anyone can do it!

I “paint” the IE Chocolate Mousse Gel Liner on the inside of my upper lids and the IE Brownie Point Cream Shadow on the inside lower lids. (It has a softer, more translucent color.) I then apply the Brownie IE Eyeliner Pencil to the upper edge of my top lid and lower edge of my bottom lid, putting more product on the outsides of my eyes. I then smudge the makeup with the sponge tip on the end of the pencil to make a smokey look. The idea is to add color to the lid where the curl of the lashes normally would be. Often there is a lighter color on the tissue of the lids so by applying color it creates the illusion of lashes.

For my eyebrows, I first put a light shading of the IE Brownie Point on my eyebrows as a base, then I apply the IE Black Coffee eyebrow pencil over it in light strokes until it has the darkness I desire. I brush/stroke over the brow makeup with the “mascara wand” end to give a very soft hair like appearance. I apply, brush lightly using the end wand, apply more, brush, etc., until the look has been achieved. I don’t want anything to look fake, like a stencil, so I just apply in these steps until the desired look is achieved. To look my absolute best I will finish my brows with the brow powder.

If I only want to wear Brow pencil or Brow Shadow then I’ll use the BGDL Eyebrow Makeup Sealer. All these techniques create the makeup very waterproof that virtually stays on under all conditions. I wake up each day and my makeup is still on! No more dreaded chiropractor appointments where my brows would end up on the paper! ๐Ÿ™‚
I can wash my face fresh or I can add more makeup on if I choose. There are no materials in the makeup products that are harmful if you choose to leave it on all the time, like I do. ๐Ÿ™‚
Please call me (Cheryn) if you need any help at 916-804-1337.

Directions for applying all make-up:

Apply makeup to the inside of the lids where lashes normally grow out from. You can use either the IE Eyeliner Pencils or the wonderfully waterproof IE Gel Eyeliner or new Gel Shadow Eyeliners. The Creme Shadows are identical in wear to the Gel Liners, but lighter and less conspicuous colors making them ideal for use on men or children… Then create a blended smokey eyelid right above the lash line, by applying the IE Eyeliner Pencil and smudge with the sponge tip. You don’t want a “severe” line on the lid, but a soft blended look, like when there are lashes. This will give color to the lids & restore their natural beauty.
Works great on eyebrows, too! Just lightly draw on brow “hair-like” strokes with eyeliner brush.

Product application videos at

Suggestions for men and children:
Use Coal, Brownie IE Eyeliner Pencils, Brownie Points or Tip Taupe Gel Shadow Liner for children and men. I suggest the Tip Taupe for children under 10 for a very subtle, non-conspicuous look. (Proper application will not look like the girl, boy or even adult male has make-up on!) Use instructions above using a light application.