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BGDL® Eyebrow Makeup Sealer  .5oz
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This is a wonderful product to apply over the eyebrow pencil and/or eyebrow powder makeup to provide added security for any ALL-DAY activities.

(I put it on over my IE Eyebrow products for added security during times where there is extreme humidity or oilyness in my skin.)

  • Invisible protection
  • Scratch and rub resistant
  • Stays on until you take your eyebrow makeup off

How to apply:
Powder: Apply brow powder or pencil in shape desired over clean, bare skin or skin prepped with skin primer or foundation.
Sealer: Wipe excess Sealer from brush back into bottle by wiping in bottleneck.  Typically, a few quick wipes and you still have plenty of Sealer still on the brush.

Brush the Sealer lightly over entire brow coating entirely.  Do not over do it.  A thin coating with one “pass” of the brush goes a long way.  The Sealer will glide on, coat the powder/pencil, bond with it and “lock it in place”.  It dries invisibly, so you can apply beyond powder/pencil application onto bare skin.  Going beyond brow color also enhances the durability.  If Sealer drips off your brow after application, you had too much on the brush.

When the Sealer is completely dry, touching your brows in normal activities will not disturb it.  Be sure to let Sealer dry completely before touching with fingers, clothing or hair.  Sealer appears matte and is rub resistant when fully dry.

Caution: Do not use over irritated or broken skin.  It is unlikely, but discontinue use if any irritation should appear.

Your Sealer may darken and thicken slightly with repeated use.  The effectiveness is unchanged.  This is minimized when brush is wiped clean between uses.

*Every purchase of Bald Girls Do Lunch® (BGDL) Sealer supports the work of the Bald Girls Do Lunch® nonprofit – the only network created specifically for women with the autoimmune hair loss condition, alopecia areata. With global influence, BGDL improves the lives of women with alopecia in person, online and via the web.


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