Discreet False Eyelashes


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Can be worn as lower or upper “in-between” stages. Alternating one and two ply spaced fiber knots, natural cut. (Charcoal color only)

“Sultry Lower Lashes” are the best lower lashes I have seen. I think that a little eyeliner is probably best, for the most natural look, but if you would prefer lower lashes then these are nice.

To clean, we highly advise using our adhesive remover. To reshape lashes, soak occasionally in a solution of rubbing alcohol and a few drops of shampoo.

*Upon receipt of your eyelashes order, before opening/removing the boxes taped seal, please first confirm that both the right and left eyelashes are viewable and accounted for. In case either of the pair are missing we will be happy to send you out a replacement pair, but only if the tape has not been removed from the box. Please open the box carefully and in a “protected area”, so if either lashes flip out of the box they will be easy to find.

*Lashes & Brows do not come with adhesive or remover and must be purchased separately.

*All MyLash are non-returnable because of the personal and delicate nature of the product and those that use them.  Once they have left our controlled atmosphere they can be subject to allergens that others may have an adverse, even dangerous experience to others.  For example: pet dander, smoke, perfume, sensitivity from medications, etc.


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