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Introducing MyBrow!!

New Names; Same Excellent Quality!

For anyone who wants to cover their thin, sparse, or over plucked eyebrows, MyBrows provides the ultimate solution. Within minutes, these full, natural-looking, easy-to-apply, flexible 100% human hair eyebrows provide a beautiful frame to the face, and are even waterproof.

#22 (previously #17) has a shape that has similarities of both #12 & #15.

  • -The closest thing to natural brows ever developed
  • -Realistic & natural looking appearance
  • -Meticulously hand made
  • -No ugly netting
  • -Easy to apply
  • -Several shapes & colors to choose from
  • -Reusable – may be used repeatedly
  • -The look and feel of a real eyebrow

100% human hair is individually hand placed on a realistic skin-like base, for the most natural looking eyebrow ever made. This eyebrow gives the appearance of real hair growing from the brow line. For men who have lost their eyebrow hair, this product is the closest thing on the market to real eyebrow hair.

#22 MyBrow’s come in:

Brownish Black (2), Dark Brown (4), Medium Brown (6), Warm Brown (8), & Light Brown (10)
*Please use online color charts as a guide only.  On-screen color quality may vary depending on your monitor’s resolution.  Actual colors may vary depending on monitors.


If your color is not listed here, (ie. women’s black) we suggest you add a little “Brush On Powder” brow powder to achieve your desired color.

Tip: Applying a darker eye powder accentuates your eyebrow color, as well as fill any areas that might be sparse.  After applying the brows, adding powder to the edges of the brows can offer an even more natural appearance.

If your hair is black, brown or medium brown, we suggest you select the shade that is approximately one shade lighter than your hair color.
At this time men’s “MyBrow” are the only style that comes in black, so for  women desiring black, we suggest you apply some Black “Brush On Powder” to the Brownish Black “MyBrow” to create your desired darkness.   If your hair is blonde, we suggest the Light Brown “MyBrow”.

Each piece of hair is individually hand placed on a skin-like, flexible gel backing, for the most natural eyebrows ever made. This gives the appearance of real hair growing from the brow line. Each eyebrow is a work of art. There are 3 styles for women and children, and 1 style for men. For anyone who has lost their eyebrow hair, this is the closest thing on the market to real eyebrow hair.

Our eyebrows can be worn for several days at time without reapplying. Each pair lasts 4-5 months, with proper care. All natural hair individually injected into polyurethane (PU) base. Our eyebrow can be enhanced with an eyebrow pencil to modify the color or shape. Apply the eyebrow first. Then apply makeup.

Our eyebrows can be cut to shape if desired. If shaping of the eyebrow is necessary, the base should be cut carefully. Cut between the hair roots so that the hairs are not unnecessarily cut off.

We offer many adhesives to choose from due to everyone’s skin type being different. The GhostBondXL is highly recommended if you desire to wear your brows for weeks at a time.  (*Remove using the “Ultra Safe” Adhesive Remover).  The Debu and Ultimate Hold are also available for those who want to wear for 1-3 days.  We suggest our Ardell Adhesive Remover to remove these adhesives.

*Lashes & Brows do not come with adhesive or remover and must be purchased separately.

Most customers find that they can wear a single pair of eyebrows for 2-4 months, if worn daily. They can be worn in the shower, although prolonged submersion is not recommended. We do not recommend wearing them in the pool, due to the harshness of the pool’s chemicals.

*All MyBrows are non-returnable because of the personal and delicate nature of the product and those that use them.  Once they have left our controlled atmosphere they can be subject to allergens that others may have an adverse, even dangerous experience to others.  For example: pet dander, smoke, perfume, sensitivity from medications, etc.  MyBrows can be darkened with eyebrow powder, so we advise you choose a lighter shade rather than darker.  And MyBrows can be trimmed.

How to Apply MyBrows

  Read the instructions; handle with care, and practice!
*(These instructions are for all adhesives except GhostBond products)
  1. Thoroughly clean the forehead eyebrow area with a non-oily cleanser. Wipe the area with lint free cotton or tissue and plain isopropyl (rubbing) alcohol and allow the skin to dry. If skin tends to be very dry, do not use alcohol. (Do not use cotton or anything that will leave fibers on the skin.)
  2. Carefully remove the MyBrow from the backing. This may require blunt tweezers (sharp tweezers may damage the backing). If there is any adhesive residue on the back of the MyBrow remove it with the tweezers or your fingers. Save the card for storage and re-ordering information.
  3. Hold the MyBrow with the tweezers on the top center portion and place over the brow area on your forehead to determine where it will look best. You can make tiny marks with an eyebrow or eyeliner pencil at one or both ends to remember where to apply it. For optimal placement, be sure to stand a few feet back from the mirror for an “overall” view of your face.
  4. The MyBrow’s can be carefully trimmed with tiny sharp scissors to adjust the size.
  5. Place the MyBrow facing down (so that the hairless backing is up) on a clean, dry, lint free surface and carefully hold in place with slight pressure from the tip of the tweezers.
  6. Squeeze a tiny line of your chosen eyebrow adhesive along the length of the MyBrow backing. Use the tip of the adhesive tube, the tweezers end, or a toothpick to distribute the adhesive in a zigzag motion along the backing. Allow about 15-30 seconds for the adhesive to “set” and become tacky.  (If you are using GhostBond then please read our application instructions under the GhostBond product page.)
  7. Carefully pick up the eyebrow wig with the tweezers (at the top and center) and position the MyBrow over the brow bone. If the pencil was used to mark guidelines, line up the MyBrow with the marks and apply. Smooth the MyBrow firmly but gently from the nose outward in the direction of the hairs. If the adhesive seeps out, remove the excess adhesive quickly; if you wait too long and try to remove the excess glue, it may pull off the wig.
  8. If necessary, quickly make adjustments in the positioning of the MyBrow because the adhesive sets fairly fast.
  9. To reposition or remove at the end of the day, simply grasp the inner (nose) corner with the tweezers and slowly pull off. Carefully remove the glue from the backing by pulling or rolling it off. With the adhesive remover, the glue becomes stretchy and should come off in one piece. If the glue is not dry, allow it to dry before attempting to remove it. Apply fresh glue if you are repositioning the MyBrow.

10.  The MyBrow’s can be cleaned with moist cotton swabs. Use our removers or water only – do not use other cleansers or any alcohol or chemical based products. Stroke in the direction of the hairs to clean and shape the MyBrow’s. Store the MyBrow’s flat on the card, ready for the next application.

11.  Remove any adhesive residue from the forehead and cleanse the area as usual.

12.  People with extremely oily skin may need to reapply the MyBrow’s during the day if they loosen due to skin oils. Try not to rub or scratch the brow area as the friction may loosen or remove them.

13.  Handled with care, MyBrow’s are reusable and can last for many weeks to many months.




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Shape #22”