Waterproof IE Eyebrow Pencils


*I want to stress the importance that the waterproof products for eyes, eyebrows and scalp cover are wonderfully waterproof, and will stay on through virtually any situation BUT if you touch your eyes/brow/scalp area where the make-up is on it will activate the oil glands and the make-up will then possibly smear or come off. If you don’t touch/rub your skin the make-up will stay on amazingly!

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Waterproof Indelible Eyebrow Pencils with Brush Tip. Stays on beautifully in all types of weather and water sports. Works wonderfully alone, but best in conjunction with IE Gel liner used as the base. Amazing Waterproof Eyeliner made from the highest quality ingredients. All eye care products are non-carcinogenic. No sharpening required.

Available Colors


  • Black Coffee
  • Blondi
  • Natural Taupe



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