Welcome to Cheryn International

Restoring a feeling of natural beauty and normalcy
to those who suffer from hair loss.

A personal note from Cheryn:

My heart’s desire has always been to help others, like myself, who have suffered from eyelash, eyebrow and hair loss. Since 1993 I have provided outstanding products to help restore a feeling of natural beauty and normalcy to lives of those who are suffering through these afflictions.

I offer a wonderful product line consisting of truly Natural Looking False Eyelashes and False Eyebrows, amazingly Waterproof Makeup for the eyes, brows, and even the scalp. Our waterproof make-up is a favorite as it stays on “like a tattoo”, enabling one to resume living a normal life without the concerns of our make-up coming off. (I put my makeup on in the morning and don’t even think about it for 24 hours! I can swim, cry, perspire, etc. and my makeup stays on!!) We even offer products to help regenerate hair, eyelash and eyebrow growth as well as offer homeopathic products to reduce anxiety and insomnia.

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