Pro Hair “Ghost Bond XL” Adhesive for Brows & Lashes

ANNOUNCING “GHOST BOND XL”, A FANTASTIC NEW PRODUCT THAT KEEPS EYEBROWS & EYELASHES ON FOR WEEKS!!! (Eyebrow average 2-4+ weeks, and Eyelashes 4-7 days, depending on application & skin type. Lashes &/or Brows currently growing in the areas to which the glue is applied will continue to grow underneath! The Ultra-Safe adhesive remover is a MUST!! Your lashes and brows will not have a long “life” without it. *Wearing our products are a great way to regrow lashes and brows, while looking great!)

Latex Free. 100% Hypoallergenic
1.3 oz $26.90 or 5 oz $89.00

Brows stay on an average of 2-4+ weeks!! (Eyelashes average 4-7 days). This is the BEST adhesive!!! Eyebrows stay looking great! Swim in them. Sweat in them. No more worries!!

*Do not wet your face until 24 hours after applying, as adhesive needs to secure. Important to not shower, or increase body temperature for 24 hours after applying as it will cause sweating or oils to develop which will effect adhesivity.

Some people can put straight on the brows &/or eyelashes and let sit for 5-7 minutes (becoming super tacky) and then apply, and they stay on great! If it’s not working for you that way then please follow these instructions.
Application process:

Apply up to 4 thin coats of adhesive to skin, letting dry 20 seconds between each application. (For eyelashes, see Eyelashes page for instructions).

When applying last coat to skin then also apply on back of brows and let adhesives dry 5-7 minutes. Attach eyebrows pressing gently down, making sure edges are sealed.

*Avoid contact with eyes. If product gets in eyes, flush with water immediately.

*Please take note: The Ultra-Safe Adhesive Remover is a MUST!! Your lashes and brows will not have a long “life” without it.

Ghost Bond XL is a water based acrylic co-polymer which contains very minimal parabens. In fact, so minimal that they are not even required by state law to list it on the ingredients label but the company opted to do so to be full disclosure.
The parabens which are contained in Ghost Bond are Methylparaben and Propylparaben. The amount is 0.0001% and the purpose of this is to preserve the shelf life of the product. Without it, the product would only last a matter of weeks rather than years.
*Product will ruin if in direct sunlight or freezing weather, so regards to shipping in the winter please buy ahead of time to avoid this possibility of damage.


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