Pro Hair “Ultra-Safe Adhesive Remover”

(For the removal of Ghost Bond XL from your eyebrows and skin, as well as all other eyelash & eyebrow adhesives).
4 oz $20.75 or 16 oz $42.95 (16 oz temporarily unavailable)

100% Hypoallergenic!! Gentle on skin, contains no harsh solvents, no dyes, and doesn’t have harmful fumes. With only three ingredients, Ultra Safe Adhesive Remover is an all natural alternative and safe product for you to use on your skin. In fact, use as an astringent on your skin before applying adhesive!

Please take note: The Ultra-Safe Adhesive Remover is a MUST!! Your lashes and brows will not have a long “life” without it.
Can be used to remove other adhesives, too!

100% organic, conditions skin, & biodegradable.
Most importantly, Ultra Safe Adhesive Remover removes “Natural Brows” easily without damaging them or your own natural brows, along with providing new growth of your own brows to occur without damage or removal, when following carefully the following instructions:

Instructions for Removing Brows:
To remove your brows without damaging your new growth or existing hairs, saturate (but not to the point of dripping) a q-tip or sponge applicator the top of your Natural Brows. Gently remove the Natural Brows as the adhesive softens. As most of the adhesive will be left on your brow, use the Ultra-Safe Remover to remove the remaining adhesive from your skin. And also use the remover to remove the adhesive from your Natural Brows. Some picking off of the adhesive might be necessary. It should be gooey and simple to do.

*Bottled product will ruin if in direct sunlight or freezing weather, so regards to shipping in the winter please buy ahead of time to avoid this possibility of damage.

*Avoid contact with eyes. If product comes in contact with eyes, flush with water immediately.

Natural Hydrocarbons
Organic Whetting Agents (All soya based)
Natural Anti-Fungal properties



  1. Dollie says:

    Saved as a favorite, I really like your blog!

  2. Mia says:

    I just wanted to thank you for making these products available to the many of us with a guilty-secret obsession involving tweezers, etc.
    The idea that I can look normal interacting with the general public is life-changing; that the eyebrows may be able to stay on for several weeks? Miraculous!
    Not having to agonize every day about hiding my lack of brows? As the ad says, “Priceless”!
    Thank you so much!πŸ‘πŸΌπŸ˜πŸ’•

    • admin says:

      Hi Mia.
      I’m so happy you found us! And yes, I totally understand how you feel.
      It’s absolutely my pleasure to offer help to anyone who suffers with hairloss.