A Personal Message From Cheryn Salazar

I wanted to take a moment to pass on a couple of messages. First I want to say thank you for all of your years of customer loyalty. It has been such an honor to serve and speak to those who suffer with hair loss. Over the many years we have done all we could to keep quality products at affordable and reasonable prices. While our suppliers have raised their prices, in some cases more than five increases over the past couple of years, we have stayed steadfast and held our prices. Unfortunately, we must raise our prices on some of our products. We do not do this arbitrarily, for our goal has been and will continue to be to offer those who suffer from hair loss an affordable and quality product that they can access in a discreet manner. Thank you again,

Cheryn Salazar

Information and Support

I will continue to devote my time to traveling, lecturing, and helping others who have suffered from the emotional and physical consequences of hair loss. I am available by phone to speak to anyone who would like emotional support, free of charge. I am especially happy to continue (as I am now entering into my second decade in business) providing the best possible service, prices, and products to you, the greatest customers on earth!