Eazy Brows Eyebrow Stencils

Eazy Brows

Eazy Brows Stencil

Eazy Brow hands-free eyebrow stencils can recreate eyebrows loss due to the effects of trichtillomania, chemotherapy, alopecia or burns. They help shape existing eyebrows or define sparse eyebrows.

Eazy Brow Stencils are easy to use and yield flattering results.

Choose from five different eyebrow shapes
each created to match the natural outline of eyebrows.

2 3/8″ long length with a thick base and curved arch
1 7/8″ short length with a medium base and smooth arch
2 1/16″ medium length with a thin base and high arch
2 3/8″ long length with a thick base and smooth arch
2 5/16″ medium length with a median base and curved arch

An Eazy Brow Kit Includes:

Eazy Brows Kit Contents

  • One carrying case
  • Instructions with diagrams
  • Two clear light weight eyebrow templates
  • Made from a durable clear polycarbonate, an FDA approved medical-grade resin
  • One 8″ black elastic band with barbs
  • Two nylon buttons
  • One yellow tape measure
  • Simply clean with a damp cloth and mild soap

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