Q: “What makes your false eyelashes different from those sold in department stores and how long do they last?”
A: Our lashes are different from those found in stores in how they are made and how natural they look when you’re wearing them. They are made by a second-generation artisan in New York City. She ties each lash by hand and puts a drop of glue at each lash base. Our lashes are well-made, though delicate, but durable. The length of duration your lashes will last is anywhere, on average, between one month to several months. It depends on how gently you handle them.

Q: “How young is too young to wear your lashes?”
A: Of course that will depend on your child’s own ability in being able to apply them. I wouldn’t suggest younger than 12 years old. However, I would highly suggest that all children wear the waterproof makeup we carry. That is actually my most suggested product because it stays on so well that it enables a person to swim, cry, sweat, water ski, scuba, etc. without the concerns of their makeup coming off.

Q: “How do I apply the lashes?”
A: First of all I’d like to say, “Practice does make perfect!” When learning to apply lashes, be patient. It will take some practice. Many young teen girls I know can apply these lashes within 5 minutes. I suggest you purchase the cheap brands from local stores to practice with before using ours.

1. TO PREPARE LASHES: Flex band with fingers to relax for easier application. Place lash band on eyelid as close to your natural lash band as possible. The inner corner of the lashes should be placed about 1/3 of the way in from the inner corner of your eye. If band should extend beyond natural lash line, snip off the excess from the outside corner, a few hairs at a time. Trim length of lashes, if desired, following original pattern.
2. To APPLY ADHESIVE: Hold eyelash with your thumb on top of the curl. Apply a thin line of adhesive to the top of the base and let adhesive set for about 60 seconds, until tacky.
3. TO APPLY LASHES: Apply lashes near or on base of your natural lash line. With tweezers or your fingers, gently press along lash base to secure. (I begin from the outside of my eye). Experience will show you exact are of placement for comfortable fit.
4. IF LIFTING OCCURS: Reapply glue with toothpick by lifting area with tweezers or finger and placing glue bead in lifted area. As you wear false eyelashes you’ll learn to detect if lashes have lifted just by how they feel upon your lid.
5. TO REMOVE LASHES: Hold outer corner of lash and gently peel downward causing easing lash away from lid toward inner corner. If eyelash does not remove easily, take a warm washcloth and place over closed eyes to loosen adhesive. Usually this will not cause your own lashes to come out.

Q: “How do I remove the glue from the eyelashes?”
A: Remove any adhesive left on your skin and brows or lashes using our Ardell Lashfree Eyelash Adhesive Remover. Rub solution to dissolve glue (do not saturate) and gently pick off adhesive, then store them for future use. If you wear mascara, it will come off as well using the same method. Then dry them and reshape the lashes by wrapping them gently around your finger. Store the brows in their box.

*To remove adhesive from lashes:
Close eye, wet an eyeliner brush with solvent and stroke solution over adhesive. Then apply remover on band, let soften glue, and pick off gently.

*To remove adhesive from brows:
Wet an eyeliner brush with solvent and stroke solution over adhesive, beginning at edges of brow. Gently remove brow as lifting occurs, adding more remover as needed.

Q: “What brands of glue do you suggest?”
A: Everyone will have their preference because it depends on each person’s skin type. We suggest the “clear” for beginners or light haired people, since the dark color can leave your eye looking smudged if you have to move them around on your eyelid when applying them.

We designed a line of six lash styles which range from discreet to dramatic.
“Secret”, (formerly known as “Shhh”) are the most discreet. We suggest these for women, men and teen-age children who don’t want to draw any attention to their eyes.
“Grace” is a medium-length version of “Secret/Shhh”.
“Lace” (formerly known as “Delicate”) very natural look and average length that does not draw unwanted attention.
“Classic” (formerly known as “Sparkle”) very natural look and average length that does not draw unwanted attention.
“Discreet” (Sultry Lower Lashes) are new to our line. Since it has been difficult to find a truly natural looking lower lash I have never offered any, however, this style is the best I have found and it can also be used for the upper lashes for those who want to have a “transitional style” for the in-between growth stages.

The following two styles are fuller in appearance. They are wonderful for the wearer who wants to bring more attention to their eyes, but still have a natural looking false eyelash.
“Sultry” (formerly known as “Flair”) is fuller, fine and natural looking.
“Runway” is a thicker classic cut look.

Q: “How do they stay on if I don’t have any eyelashes for them to be glued to? Will they prevent new lashes from growing in?”
A: Our eyelashes are actually made for the lashless eye, so they’ll stay on wonderfully with or without eyelashes. The band is lighter and a little wider than the lashes in the stores so they stay on very well. They can be applied above or below natural lashes on your eye. Also, wearing lashes will not prevent your own eyelashes from growing in.

Q: “How waterproof is your eyeliner and eyebrow make-up?”
A: First of all, Cheryn has suffered from lack of eyebrows and eyelashes on and off since 1972 so she well understands the need for eye and brow make-up that will stay on. She was always hesitant to swim, water-ski, scuba dive, cry, and even sleep for fear that her makeup would have come off. When she started her company it was for the very reason to be able to offer products that would provide a feeling of freedom from these fears. She did find such a makeup line in Europe. Our eyeliners and eyebrow pencils are waterproof and mechanical — so no more concerns about heat softening your pencils are making it impossible to be sharpened. This is the best make-up I’ve found and it actually takes considerable effort to completely remove the eyeliner. You can feel comfortable to cry, perspire, or pretty much anything else that might easily smudge your make-up without being concerned that your make-up will come off. It also doesn’t gather in the corner of the eyes as liner often does. However, if you are perspiring in the heat, or participate in water sports and other activities involving water then you may need a “touch-up.” This make-up will remove concerns about having a “blank”look ever again.

Q: “I don’t want my young child to look like they are wearing makeup. How do I apply your makeup so that they look like they aren’t wearing any?”
A: Apply the liner along the area where lashes normally would be so that it fills in the pale lid, restoring it’s natural dark color. The “Pitch Black” eyeliner, which is a black color, is great for everyone because it can be applied to be light or dark. I suggest “Brownie” eyeliner, which is a dark brown color, for blonds and all young children. Boys can wear this makeup, too.


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