DermMatch Topical Shading


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Available Colors

  • Black
  • Dark Brown
  • Medium Brown
  • Light Brown
  • Red
  • Silver Grey
  • Platinum Blonde
  • White

(Average disc lasts 6-12 months, depending on usage.)

DermMatch Topical Shading products will give you the thickest, fullest hair – instantly. Thin hair and small bald areas disappear instantly with DermMatch. You can swim, sweat, or brush with it on!


Try DermMatch and get the thickest, fullest hair instantly…

You’ll feel immediate joy and relief. Every day you’ll savor the confidence of a thick, full head of hair…

Trusted by doctors…
This could be the perfect answer to your hair loss. In 1992 doctors began using DermMatch to cover scars after hair transplant surgery. They were surprised to see how thick it made the hair look. Now dermatologists and hair restoration surgeons recommend DermMatch every day for:

  • Female hair loss
  • Male pattern baldness
  • Transplanted hair
  • Trichotillomania
  • Alopecia areata
  • Use with hair growth drugs

Safe and healthful…
Doctors trust DermMatch because it’s topical, resting on the skin’s surface where it allows your hair to grow naturally. The formula is emollient based and loaded with soothing moisturizers. You’ll look forward to using it every day…

You can swim, sweat or brush with it… If you’ve used colored sprays, sprinkles or lotions, you’ll really love DermMatch. It looks better, stays on better, applies neater and even costs less to use…

DermMatch makes smaller areas disappear and it stays on so well you can even use it on the back and sides.

DermMatch is perfect for tinting grey hairs and coloring roots instantly. DermMatch contains only safe colorants and no hair dyes.

If you have small bald areas or areas of thinning hair, DermMatch will work wonders for you. It’s effective for persons of any age, race, hair type, style, length or color.

Easy application and a natural hairline…
Only DermMatch gives you EZ Grip, EZ Reach Applicators. They make it quick, clean and precise. Use them to fade your color and get a perfect, natural hairline.

Easy instructions…
Just rub it on and brush it through. You’ll be on your way to enjoy the rest of your day. You’ll get easy, step by step instructions with big color photos…

You’ll save lots of money…
Some customers take years to finish a single concentrated disc of DermMatch. On average our customers reorder one disc every 6-8 months. Sprays, sprinkles and lotions don’t last nearly as long and they’ll cost you twice as much to use.

**Instead of buying more sponges, I suggest you instead use a 1″ wide “Trimming” Paint Brush (like you’d use when painting a window frame). I just dip the brush in water, and squeeze off any excess so that the bristles are damp, not dripping. Then swirl the bristles in your disc in a circle and then “press” it into your scalp through the hair.


1. Start with a clean, dry scalp. If your hair is damp, that’s OK. It’s best to apply DermMatch before putting on your shirt. A brightly lit bathroom sink and mirror are good for application. Wet your applicator. Rub your damp applicator or brush bristles in the container. Rub in circular motions. Make sure the colored powder is accumulating on the applicators tip. A brand new disc may need a little extra water and rubbing.

2. Rub your applicator directly on the scalp. Color one small area at a time. If you’re applying along the front hairline, color behind the hairline, never in front of it. Create a soft, natural hairline by fading the edge of your color. Use a dry applicator and rub gently along the edge of your color so that your color fades gradually towards the forehead. Continue applying until all exposed areas are colored evenly. Use a hand mirror when coloring the back of the head. Keep your applicator damp as you rub again in the container for more colored powder.

3. When you’re done coloring the area, brush or comb your hair right away while it’s still damp from application. This distributes your DermMatch in the area of application so it can coat and thicken any thin hairs. Now your application needs to dry. If you normally blow dry, use low heat and low wind. Otherwise, brushing or combing every few minutes will speed drying. The hair roots are the last to dry, so be sure to brush or comb down to the roots. This helps maximize your hair’s fullness. Your application is dry when it’s dry to the roots.

4. When your application is completely dry, brush your hair thoroughly. Use a firm, salon-quality brush. Brush down to the roots and out to the ends. Thorough brushing of your dried application gives a final lift to thin hairs now coated and thickened by DermMatch. It also helps remove any excess DermMatch from your hair. If you have any excess powder on your forehead, wipe it with a tissue. Wet Wipes or rubbing alcohol on a paper towel work great for the back of your neck and shoulders. If there is excess powder on your clothing, don’t touch it. Shake it off or blast it off with a blow dryer. Use any shampoo to remove DermMatch.


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