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Introducing our NEW GLUE “Ghost Bond Platinum” that will keep MyLash’s on an average for 5-7+ days, and MyBrow’s on for an average of 4-6+ weeks!!! Swim, sweat, etc. with confidence! Wearing our products are a great way to allow regrowth of lashes and brows, while looking great!) The Ultra-Safe adhesive remover is a MUST!! Your lashes and brows will not have a long “life” without it.

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Platinum is designed on strength and hold.  In house testing proved Platinum to be our strongest adhesive to date.

100% Hypoallergenic!  And Latex Free!

**Announcing the new adhesive by Ghost Bond that will keep your MyLash & MyBrow products on even longer!!!  The “Ghost Bond Platinum” is made to keep eyebrows on for an average 5+ weeks and our eyelashes on for an average of 4-8+ days!!

The Ghost Bond Platinum is our newest adhesive in our product line. Since the release of the Ghost Bond XL, we have worked tirelessly to try and formulate an even stronger and more durable adhesive than any of our previous bonds have been achieve. The Ghost Bond Platinum was designed solely for strength and holding power. Through all the in house testing we performed before its release, the Ghost Bond Platinum scored higher than the Ghost Bond Classic and the Ghost Bond XL. Since its release to market it has been slowly working towards taking over as our best selling adhesive. To date, this is the strongest adhesive we have ever manufactured, its water resistant when cured properly and its holding power is second to none.

Lashes &/or Brows currently growing in the areas to which the glue is applied will continue to grow underneath! The Ultra-Safe Adhesive Remover is a MUST!!  Your lashes and brows will not have a long “life” without it.

Some people can put straight on the lashes/brows and let sit for 7 minutes (becoming super tacky) and then apply, and they stay on great!  If it’s not working for you that way then please follow these instructions.

Apply 2-4  thin coats of adhesive to eyelid, being careful to not get inside eye.  (Rinse eyes with water if product gets in your eyes.)  Let dry 20 seconds between each application.

When applying last coat to skin then also apply on back of brows, or lash bands, letting adhesives dry 5-7 minutes.  When applying MyBrows, press to skin gently making sure edges are sealing.  For MyLashes, attach eyelashes by applying first to middle of lid and then placing outer edge of lashes on the outside edge on your lid and then take the inside corner of the eye lashes last and press carefully into corner of eyelid.    

*Do not wet your face until 24 hours after applying, as adhesive needs to secure.  Important to not shower, or increase body temperature for 24 hours after applying as it will cause sweating or oils to develop which will effect adhesivity. 

*Bottled product will ruin if in direct sunlight or freezing weather, so regards to shipping in the winter please buy ahead of time to avoid this possibility of damage.



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