“Ultra Safe” Adhesive Remover 4 oz.


The Ultra-Safe adhesive remover is a MUST for removal of GhostBondXL!! Your lashes and brows will not have a long “life” without it.

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(For the removal of Ghost Bond XL (as well as any other eyelash adhesive) from your eyebrows and skin, but as always, be careful to not get in eyes.
100% Hypoallergenic!!  Gentle on skin, contains no harsh solvents, no dyes, and doesn’t have harmful fumes.  With only three ingredients, Ultra Safe Adhesive Remover is an all natural alternative and safe product for you to use on your skin.  100% organic, conditions skin,  & biodegradable.  *Removes any brand eyelash glue.  As always, if product comes in contact with eyes flush with water immediately.
(Please take note that this product really MUST accompany the GhostBond XL.)


To remove eyelashes that have been applied with Ghost Bond Adhesive: Dampen eyelids and lashes with warm water in shower or with damp washcloth and carefully remove eyelashes as glue adhesive becomes softened. Then on the MyLash eyelash band apply Ultra-Safe Remover to remove excess adhesive.  Do not apply remover to your eyelids.  To remove adhesive from your eyelids use a baby or coconut oil.  Keep out of eyes.


*Product will ruin if in direct sunlight or freezing weather, so regards to shipping in the winter please buy ahead of time to avoid this possibility of damage.Ingredients:
Natural Hydrocarbons
Organic Whetting Agents (All soya based)
Natural Anti-Fungal properties
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